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• Contents:  Muslim Contribution to Arts:  Calligraphy  Paintings  Music  Muslim Contribution to Science  Conception of Science amongst the Muslim  Mathematics  Physics and Technology  Astronomy  Chemistry  Medicine  Botany and Agriculture  Geography  Muslim Architecture  Concept and Inspirations  Multiplicity of Styles  Diversity and Variety

Course Synopsis

Muslims have made tremendous contribution in the field of arts, sciences and architecture. In their hey days, they produced works of art of exceptional quality. They developed new scientific thinking, created new scientific methods and produced scientists of exceptional merit. In the field of architecture, the Muslim contribution was also immense

Course Learning Outcomes

After studying this course, the students will be able to:  Appreciate the Muslim achievements in Arts, Sciences and Architecture  Have an in depth study of the major influences behind Muslim achievements  Develop an insight into different styles and methods of productions

MUSLIM CONTRIBUTION TO SCIENCE Conception of Science Mathematics Physics & Technology

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Astronomy Chemistry Medicine Botany & Agriculture Geography

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MUSLIM ARCHITECTURE Concept and Inspiration

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Multiplicity of Art style.

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Diversity and Variety in Architecture.

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