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Course Contents

•  Major determinants of foreign policy of a state: the factors and conditions that influence foreign policy making.  The major determinants and features of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy.  The conditioning factors: external (regional and global) and internal  The major features and the changes therein.  Post-Cold War environment and Pakistan’s Foreign Policy.  Pakistan-India Relations  The major factors influencing the relations  The Kashmir problem  The wars and peace arrangements, 1947-48, 1965, 1971.  The changing pattern of relations: 1972 to the present with a focus on the major issues and problems and the efforts to improve the relations.  SAARC and India-Pakistan relations.  Pakistan and the Muslim World Islam and Foreign Policy; Pakistan’s relations with the Gulf region, Bangladesh, OIC, ECO, Palestinian Problem, Afghanistan and especially Pakistan’s role after Soviet military intervention in that country.  Pakistan and the United States  Pakistan and the People’s Republic of China  Pakistan and Russia/Soviet Union.  Pakistan and the European states/EU  Pakistan’s role in the UN, including support to UN Peace-keeping Operations

Course Synopsis

This course focuses on main determinants and major features of the foreign policy making in Pakistan. It also highlights the external relations of Pakistan with its neighbours as well as with major powers, discussing such main issues as Kashmir, joining of Western alliance’s etc. Particularly it discusses the foreign policy of Pakistan in the post-1971 period. The foreign policy during the Z.A. Bhutto and General Zia’s period are a special focus of this course. It also highlights the foreign policy options and choices in the post-cold war period.

Course Learning Outcomes

After studying this course, the students will be able to:  Appreciate the dynamics of foreign policy making in Pakistan  Understand the security dilemmas of Pakistan  Comprehend the centrality of Kashmir dispute in Pakistan’s foreign policy

Determinants of Pakistan's Foreign Policy

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Fall of soviet union

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Pak-India Relations

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1965 War

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Z.A.Bhutto and OIC

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china. Siachen Conflict: How it started ?

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Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations

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Book Title : Pakistan and the Geostrategic Environment
Author : Hasan Askari Rizvi
Edition : 1993
Publisher : MACMILLAN PRESS LTD Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 6XS and London
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Author : IJAZ KHAN
Edition : 2012
Publisher : Nova Science Publishers, Inc. New York
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Book Title : The new world order
Author : H.G.Wells
Edition : 2007
Publisher : FQ Classics
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Book Title : From Kargil to the Coup Events that shook Pakistan
Author : Nasim Zahra
Edition : 2018
Publisher : Sang-e-meel
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Book Title : Limited Conflicts under the Nuclear umbrella
Author : Ashley J.Tellis
Edition : 2001
Publisher : RAND
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Title : Relation with Afghanistan
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Title : OIC
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Title : Relation with China
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Title : soviet union collapse
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Title : seato ,cento
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Title : ECO
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Title : Relation with Russia
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