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Course Contents

I Introduction to research approaches; basic versus applied research: bibliography and literature review II Research paradigms in geography III Types of research i Historical research, ii Qualitative/descriptive research iii Research design iv Research topic, formulation and statement of a problem v Research questions, research hypotheses, research objectives, research plan IV Data collection, universe and sampling: i Primary and secondary data ii Sources of data, selection of a sample and measuring instruments iii Basic considerations in sampling, size of sample, geo-statistical considerations. iv Sampling units and design; points, traverses, random sampling, stratified sampling, systematic sampling. V Data analysis and interpretation i Pre-analysis consideration ii Preparing data for analysis iii Use of the descriptive statistics and quantitative methods. VI Research report writing, bibliography and references.

Course Synopsis

To enable students to conduct research independently including literature review/search and collection of data, its analysis, interpretation and presentation.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, the student will: • Understand a general definition of research design • Able to identify the overall process of designing a research study from its inception to its report • Know the primary characteristics of quantitative research and qualitative research • able to identify a research problem stated in a study

Data analysis and interpretation

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Educational Research

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Book Title : Research Methods in Geography: A Critical Introduction
Author : Basil Gomez (Editor), John Paul Jones III (Editor)
Edition : 1st
Publisher : Wiley
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Book Title : An Introduction to Scientific Research Methods in Geography and Environmental Studies
Author : Daniel Montello , Paul Sutton
Edition : 2nd
Publisher : SAGE Publications
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Book Title : Educational Research: Competencies for Analysis and Applications
Author : Lorraine R. Gay , Geoffrey E. Mills, Peter W. Airasian
Edition : 10th
Publisher : Pearson
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Title : Data Analysis and Interpretation
Type : Presentation

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