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Course Contents

I. Key concepts in oceanography II. Origin of oceans and seas III. Major Water masses and their distribution IV. Configuration of oceans i. Characteristic features of the ocean basins ii. Tectonics layers in oceanBasin, V. Temperature, salinity/density of ocean water: distribution causes and effects VI. Ocean floor deposits, their characteristics and classification VII. Ocean circulation i. Waves ii. Currents iii. Tides, their nature, causes, effects and impact on environment VIII. Special phenomena: storm surges; tsunamis IX. Oceanography of Arabian Sea with special reference to Exclusive Economic Zone. Field visit Visit to any coastal area to study the various coastal morphological features.

Course Synopsis

To make students understand about the origin of oceans, its changing physical characteristics and geomorphology of the ocean floor, so that the students have up-to-date knowledge about the physical characteristics and the resources available in the oceans.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, the student will: • Describe the progressions of major earth science theories, including new analytic methods, sensors, and numerical methods. • Describe the three-dimensional distributions of temperature, salt, and momentum in the ocean and atmosphere, and explain the oceanic and atmospheric processes that control these distributions. • Identify, construct, and analyze coupled dynamical systems by which geological, atmospheric, oceanographic, chemical, and biological processes interact throughout a range of spatial and temporal scales. • Derive, interpret, and solve problems using the equations of motion of fluids, the continuity equation, and the equations of state for both moist and dry air, and seawater. • Collect and manipulate oceanic, atmospheric, and geospatial data sets and rigorously analyze and interpret observational data, in situ experimental data, and model results.

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Ocean Basin

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Book Title : Essentials Of oceanography
Author : Alan P. Trujillo,Harold V. Thurman
Edition : 11th
Publisher : Pearson

Book Title : An Introduction to Oceanography.
Author : 4. Johnson H.
Edition : 4th
Publisher : Jones and Bartlett Publishers

Title : Ocean relief
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Title : Ocean Circullation
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Title : Key Concepts in Oceanography-I
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Title : Key Concepts in Oceanography-II
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Title : Origin of Seas and Oceans
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Title : Origin of Seas and Oceans-II
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Title : Origin of oceans
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Title : Configuration of Ocean Basin
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