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Course Contents

I. Scope and status of Population Geography II. Population theories III. Methods of population data collection IV. Problems of population data V. World population distribution, density VI. Urban and rural population VII. Population composition i. Gender composition ii. Age structure iii. Marital status, families and households iv. Languages, religions, ethnic groups etc. VIII Population dynamics i. Patterns of fertility, morbidity, fecundity and mortality IX Migrations ii. Immigration and emigration iii. Internal and International migrations X Population change

Course Synopsis

Objective of the course is to make students understand: i) The dynamics of population characteristics; ii) Relationship between man, environment and resources; iii) Highlight the importance of demographic data in planning and decision-making.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, the student will: • Learn the key components of demography: fertility, mortality and migration and their societal implications; understand the mechanisms underlying the demographic transition theory. • Able to identify and manipulate key demographic components that range from the local to the global spatial scales and for different population segments. • Get an opportunity to learn how these demographic trends of growth and transition affect their life in small and large ways. • Intend to sharpen perception of population growth and change and increase their awareness of what is happening and why and to help prepare them to cope with a future that will be shared with billions more people than there are today. • Explain demographic changes in the world and their major determinants. • Apply demographic concepts and population theories to explain past and present population characteristics. • Evaluate the use of demographic concepts and population theories to understand contemporary socio-economic issues and current affairs. • Assess the relationship between demographic change and policy.

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Book Title : Population Geography
Author : Prof. S. A Qazi
Edition : 2006
Publisher : A.P.H publishing corportaion, New Delhi
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Title : Patterns of Fertility
Type : Presentation

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Title : Patterns of Mortality
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