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I Definition, scope, background and fundamental concepts in geomorphology II Introduction to factors of landform development i Geological structure and Geological time scale. III Geomorphic processes i Endogenic and Exogenic extra terrestrial ii Weathering and mass wasting: their geomorphic significance iii Fluvial geomorphic cycle iv valley development; classification of valleys v drainage patterns and texture vi landforms by surface runoff vii Glaciers and their topographic effects: types and regimes of glaciers, major features resulting from glacial erosion and deposition, glacio-lacustrine and glacio-fluvitile features viii Aeolian landforms: creation and modification of landforms, arid erosion cycle ix Groundwater morphology, including aquifer, porosity and permeability x Karst topography: processes and associated landforms xi Coastal geomorphology: erosional and depositional features created by sea waves IV Techniques in Geomorphology Lab work Lab work may be conducted rocks and water analysis where relevant material is readily available. Geomorphlogical profiles, use of aerial photo and Remote sensing techniques for the interpretation of landforms and geomorphic features. Field studies Recommended in depth geomorphologic study and field trips to any accessible area.

Course Synopsis

This course helps students to understand and recognize different types of landforms; the formation and modification of landforms. To explain the different geomorphic processes.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, the student will: • Have a broad knowledge of the scope and main areas of Geomorphology • Able to classify and describe landforms structure. • Describe the morphology of the landscape and related processes in areas influenced by fluvial, glacial, periglacial, aeolian, coastal, and arid systems. • Use basic techniques to identify, measure, and analyse landforms and processes of land formation.

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Lec 3 Geomorhic processes material

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Lecture 4 video

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Fluvial processes I

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Fluvial processes II

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Fluvial processes III

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Characteristics required for glacier formation

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Landforms made by glacier

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Groundwater basics

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Book Title : Fundamentals of Geomorphology
Author : Riachard John Huggett
Edition : 4th Edition
Publisher : Routledge
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Book Title : Geosystems, an introduction to physical geography
Author : Robert W. Christopherson
Edition : 5th Edition
Publisher : Pearson Prentice Hall
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Book Title : Physical Geography
Author : Robert E. Gabler, James F. Peterson, L. Michael Trapasso, Dorothy Sack
Edition : 9th Edition
Publisher : Cengage
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Title : Lec1_Intro_to_Geomorphology
Type : Presentation

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Title : Lec2_Fundamental_Concepts_of_Geomorphology
Type : Presentation

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Title : Lec3_Geomorphic_processes
Type : Presentation

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Title : Lec4_Weathering_erosion_masswasting
Type : Presentation

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Title : Lec7_Fluvial processes2
Type : Presentation

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Title : Lec6-Fluvial processes
Type : Presentation

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Title : Lec8-Fluvial processes3
Type : Presentation

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