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Course Contents

I Evolution of Cartography i Introduction to cartography ii Basic geodesy, spherical, ellipsoidal and geoidal earth iii Geographical coordinates properties of the graticule, geodetic position determination. II Map projections i Merits and demerits of commonly used map projections (perspective and non-perspective). III Principles of Cartographic Design i General design problems ii Design of map symbols. iii Basic procedure and designing of the thematic maps such as, topographic, climatic, economic, population, settlements, urban morphology. IV Map Design and Lettering i Form, dimension and colour, texture, classification and generalization. ii Lettering native of typography, lettering methods, types and characteristics, photo lettering and automatic control lettering. V Map Reading i Principles of map interpretation; Landscape studies through map reading ii Setting of a map iii Physical basis of map reading VI Construction of a Thematic map i Choropleth ii Dot map iii Isopleths. VII Map production i Form of map output, construction material, output options, composing separations, proofing. Lab Work Drawing of various thematic maps and other relevant exercises in cartography and mapping

Course Synopsis

To familiarise students with map-making science and its applications.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, the student will: ● Describe the development of cartographic concepts and techniques over time. ● Use cartographic design and calligraphy skills for the visualisation and representation of information ● Analyze, interpret and make measurements from topographic and thematic maps ● Synthesize the concepts and techniques of cartography through the use of a formal cartographic design process to identify and collect relevant geographic data and design a thematic map to communicate these data effectively.

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Book Title : Elements of Cartography
Author : Robinson, A. N.
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : John Wiley New York
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Book Title : GIS: A Visual Approach
Author : Davis.e.b
Edition : 2nd
Publisher : Cengage Learning
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Title : digital cartography
Type : Other

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