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Course Contents

I Maps: i. Its elements and types ii. Principles and methods of map making, reading and reproduction iii. Enlargement and reduction. iv. Grid reference and indexation II Scale i. Types and their use ii. Plain, diagonal and comparitive scales III Map projections i. Types, construction, characteristics, and uses. IV Study of Maps ii. A study of the Survey of Pakistan maps under the heads: Physical and cultural features to be described and interpreted. (The students are required to record the exercises in practical notebook duly signed by the concerned teachers).

Course Synopsis

This course will train students in map drawing, reading and its use for geographical analysis. After the successful completion of this course the students are expected to have a good knowledge of map reading and drawing.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, the student will: • Know how to produce and reduce maps with basic techniques • Identify observable and measurable knowledge, skills, and attitudes/values • Be able to create real world globe on paper with the help of projection • Capable of reading, analyzing and interpretation of natural and cultural features on the maps.

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