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Course Contents

1 Introduction of medical geography * definition, theme, concept, nature and scope of medical geography. * historical development of medical geography * status of medical geography 2 Factors influence the parameters of health and disease * environmental factors * geographical factors * socio-economic factors * cultural factors 3 patterns and processes of health and disease *pandemic and historical pandemic * spatial variations in health and welfare patterns * role of Geography in exploring the impact of the disease *models in medical geography * epidemiological transition theory * health and inequality * global patterns of health and disease * global eradication of disease 4 progress in medical geography * recent issues and development on medical geography * GIS and RS and health studies * geography, health care and planning

Course Synopsis

As Medical geography is concerned with areal distribution of diseases and their relationship to environmental factors such as physical, socle-cultural and biological, this type of study will serve to explain the spatio-temporal distribution of diseases in the cities of Solapur district

Course Learning Outcomes

Medical geography deals with the application of major concepts and theories derived from human and physical geography to issues of health and disease. This subject examines how health status, access to health care, and health outcomes vary by geographic location. It also examines which aspects of location appear most to affect health care access, services, and utilization.

Worst epidemic and pandemic in history

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Pandemic and historical pandemics

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Book Title : Medical geography
Author : Ishtiaq A. Mayer
Edition : 1st
Publisher : Balaji offset navinn shahdara, delhi

Book Title : Geography in health
Author : Dr. Panna lal
Edition : 1st
Publisher : Random publications new delhi

Book Title : Geography and health
Author : Nilofar izhar
Edition : 1st
Publisher : A.P.H publishing corporation new delhi

Title : Pandemic and historical pandemics
Type : Presentation

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