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Course Contents

I. Introduction to the earth's climate and climate change II. History of climate change 1. Some notable climate events III. Clues of climate change 1. The climate detectives IV. Causes of climate change: ✓ Natural sources (Milankovitch cycle, continental drift, volcanic activity, variations in solar output, cosmic rays, Galactic theory, the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt, surface ocean currents, meteoroids and asteroids) ✓ Anthropogenic sources (Greenhouse effect and Global warming, urban heat island, Atmospheric pollution) V. Recent Climate Change Indicators (Consequences) • Predicted changes to the physical world ✓ Regional droughts ✓ Floods (with special reference to Pakistan) ✓ Impacts of Air Pollution and Acid Rain ✓ Ozone depletion • Predicted changes to the biological world ✓ Range shifts ✓ Phenological changes ✓ Altered community structure ✓ Extinctions ✓ Human health ✓ Agriculture VI. The Measurement of Climate Change ✓ Ground and Satellite Based Measurements VII. Human responses to potential climate change VIII. Future Climates and the Consequences: • Solutions & Alternates to man-made problems

Course Synopsis

The objectives of this course are to provide introduction to climate change, its causes and effects. Knowledge about the gases and process responsible for climate change will be given in this course. It will also discuss a variety of intriguing issues in Climate and Science that brings change due to human intervention. The course will help in understanding the scientific evidence supporting each topic and how it fits into the local, regional, and worldwide perspectives in terms of Climate Change.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, the student shall be: • Able to demonstrate a solid understanding of the climate system. • Evaluate the various factors that shape climate. • Describe how past climates contribute to our current understanding of climate change. • Explain the consequences, risks, and uncertainties of climate change

arc Gis Tool for Hydrology

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Basics of climate change

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Earth's Climate basics

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Climate change basics2

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Supportive material on Geological Time Scale, for Topic3, History of climate change

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Video on Geological Time Scale, for Topic3, History of climate change

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Causes of climate change_Milankovitch's cycle

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Book Title : Introduction To HydroGeography
Author : Gary L. Lewis
Edition : 5th
Publisher : Pearson

Book Title : Understanding Climate Change
Author : Richard Whitaker
Edition : 1st
Publisher : New Holland Publishers
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Book Title : Climate change, causes, effects and solutions
Author : John T. Hardy
Edition : 1st
Publisher : Wiley
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Title : Basics of climate change
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Title : Clues of Climate change, Paper
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Title : Causes of climate change
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