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Course Contents

I. Introduction to Remote Sensing II. History and development III. Concepts and Foundation of Remote Sensing i. Satellite Remote Sensing ii. Types of Satellite and platforms iii. Image products iv. Image Analysis IV. Techniques for visual interpretation i. Instruments Setup for Visual Interpretation ii. Quantitative Analysis of Image V. Applied Remote Sensing in a Perspective i. Visual Interpretation of Satellite Images VI. Remote Sensing in Environmental Monitoring ii. Hazard assessment VII. Land Use and Land Cover Mapping for Conservation and Land Use Planning Case Studies for example: • Northern Area of Pakistan • Area around Islamabad • Mirpur/Mangla Dam • PeshawarValley • Karachi Urban area • Cholistan. Lab outline Introduction to labs, Single band image interpretation, true and false colour predictions, false colour composite images interpretation. Visual interpretation of aerial photographs

Course Synopsis

This course is designed: • To introduce how earth's surface features are recorded from aircraft and satellites and different ways these images can be analyzed. • To enable student to understand common remote sensing products such as, earth resources satellite images, aerial photographs. • To make them understand about the ground truthing process based on GPS and other topographical maps.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, the student will be: • Adapted in concept of remote sensing/history and Developmental field • Create specification of satellite images • Have Interpretation skills through human visions/elements • To detect environmental issues and land use/land cover

Historical Background of Remote Sensing

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Remote Sensing Basic

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Basic, Gis, RS and GPS

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Principles of Remote sensing

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Introduction of Google Earth

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Digitization on Google Earth

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image Downloading From google Earth

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GPS Fundamentals

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GPS working Mechanism

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Satellite Characteristics

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Elements of visual interpretation

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Book Title : An Introduction to the Study of Map Projections
Author : Robinson, A. N.
Edition : 11th
Publisher : London, University of PressLondon

Book Title : Cartography: Visualization of Spatial Data
Author : Kraak, M.J.
Edition :
Publisher : Longman, Harlow

Book Title : Introduction to Remote Sensing
Author : Campbell, James B.
Edition :
Publisher : The Guilford Press

Book Title : Computer Processing of Remotely Sensed Images
Author : Mather, P.M.
Edition :
Publisher : John Wiley and Sons

Title : Elements of Remote Sensing
Type : Presentation

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Title : space borne and ground based plate form
Type : Presentation

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Title : Basic concepts Of Remote Sensing
Type : Presentation

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Title : Fundamental Concepts of Remote sensing
Type : Presentation

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Title : Types Of satellite
Type : Presentation

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Title : Image Product and Analysis
Type : Presentation

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Title : GPS Working mechanism
Type : Presentation

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Title : GPS Introduction
Type : Presentation

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Title : GPS Segments
Type : Presentation

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Title : History and development of RS
Type : Presentation

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Title : Foundation Of RS
Type : Presentation

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Title : RS and Disaster management
Type : Assignment

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Title : Image Analysis and interpretaion
Type : Presentation

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