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Course Contents

1. Introduction 1.1. Introduction to Counseling 1.2. Ethical Responsibilities of counselors 1.3. Legal issues 2. Counseling skills 2.1. The counseling relationship –core conditions 2.2. Guidelines for counseling with women 2.3. Diversity, Social context, and Power 3. Assessing and counseling women in distress 3.1. Women victims of violence / domestic violence 3.2. Women victims of rape and assault 3.3. Women victims of harassment and discrimination 3.4. Women victims of acid throwing and stove burning 3.5. Women refugees and IDPs 3.6. Psychological consequences of violence 3.6.1. Bio, psycho-social factors 4. Approaches to counseling 4.1. Psychoanalytic approach 4.2. Behaviorist approach to counseling 4.3. Cognitive approach 4.4. Humanistic approach 4.5. The existential point of view 4.6. The eclectic approach 4.7. Social skills and assertiveness training 5. Stress and itsmanagement 5.1. Meaning and types of Stress 5.2. Effects of stress on the body 5.3. Type A, Type B & Type C personalities 5.4. Management of Stress 6. Familial Counseling 6.1. Marital Counseling 6.2. Family counseling techniques 6.3. Need of family Counseling

Course Synopsis

This course provides an understanding of the basic counseling skills, ethical consideration in counseling and assessment of the women suffering in the society. This course makes students to understand how to establish counseling relationship and significance of this relationship in healing clients. Different psychological approaches to counseling are also explained in order to establish understanding of psychological issues in women. Nature of issues in women will also be discussed in detail. Objectives of course: Introducing basic counseling skills and their usage for the counseling purposes of women facing different issues like domestic violence, harassment, rape, refuges and IDPs.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to • understand stages of counseling process. • describe ethical issues for counselors and ways of committing to ethical professional practice • demonstrate purposeful and effective counseling skills in a counseling interview. • make intervention plan for women facing different issues.

Lecture no 39 and 40 are about family counseling. These lectures cover family counseling comprehensively.

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family therapy a systematic approach

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family therapy

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Book Title : Family Counseling for All Counselors.
Author : David Kaplan
Edition :
Publisher : CAPS publications
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