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Course Contents

1. Mass media 1.1. Definition of mass media 1.2. Kinds of mass media 1.3. History of media in Pakistan 2. Advertisement 2.1. Kinds of advertisement 2.2. Role of advertisement 2.3. Portrayal of women in advertisement 2.4. Gender discrimination and advertising 3. Media and violence 3.1. Definition 3.2. Kinds of violence promoted by mass media 3.3. Feticides 3.4. Women in mass media and communication in Asia against violence and for peace building 3.5. Violence in media entertainment 3.6. The media influence on eating disorder 3.7. Women: problems and perspectives in media field 3.8. Role of media to stop violence against women 3.9. Media and prejudices 4. Gender Analysis and media development 4.1. Role of Media about women development 4.2. Media Professions 4.3. Women and media professions 4.4. Status of Gender in Media Field 4.5. Role of media in promoting gender issues 5. Media Literacy 5.1. Definition of media literacy 5.2. Principles of media literacy 5.3. Approaches to media education 5.4. Key concepts for media education 5.5. Gender and media literacy 6. Media and law 6.1. Definition 6.2. Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) 6.3. Censor Board Act 7. The myth of Media Freedom 7.1. Gender Sensitive Media 7.2. Gender and Portrayal (Guidelines) 7.3. Gender Sensitive Reporting and Language 7.4. Gender sensitive media policies 8. The Globalization of Media 8.1. Gender issues and mass media 8.2. Portrayal of women in media (changing perspectives) 8.3. Status of gender in media field 8.4. Patriarchy, Religious prejudice and the media in Pakistan 9. Gender discrimination and media 9.1. Women and technology: The Gender Gap 9.2. The adverse effect of advertising on women 9.3. The effects of printed media on Gender roles 10. CEDAW and media development 10.1. Definition and importance of CEDAW 10.2. Objectives and clauses of CEDAW 10.3. Role of CEDAW in Gender Sensitive media development

Course Synopsis

Media is a powerful tool of today’s world which can change representations of gender in the context of wider social changes. This course is important to highlight the portrayal of gender in advertisements, dramas, films, newspapers, social media, etc. It highlights the different kind of roles played by media in our daily lives. The course covers that how many females are working at different levels of media profession and what kind of problems they faced. The course will provide an understanding of gender sensitive reporting, media literacy and national and international media laws.

Course Learning Outcomes

• Students can get hand on knowledge about different mediums of print, electronic and social media and their link with gender. • Students will able to differentiate the positive and negative role played by media in the lives of human beings. • Students will be familiar and can learn gender sensitive reporting and can analyze different media policies at national and international level.

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Towards Gender Sensitive Media Coverage of Violence Against Women and Femicide/Feminicide

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Book Title : Media, Gender and Identity: An Introduction
Author : David Gauntlett
Edition : Second
Publisher : Routledge
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Book Title : The Gender & Media Handbook: Promoting Equality, Diversity & Empowerment
Author : Krini Kafiris, Myria Vassiliadou (Editors)
Edition : First
Publisher : Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies
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Title : Gender and media: Pakistani perspective
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Title : Media and Gender: A Scholarly Agenda for the Global Alliance on Media and Gender
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