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Course Contents

1. Pakistani Society 1.1. Brief definition of society 1.2. A brief history of society 1.3. Basic Characteristics of Pakistani society with example 2. Pakistani Culture 2.1. Brief definition of culture 2.2. Brief description of various influences of other cultures on Pakistani culture 2.3. Basic characteristics of Pakistani culture with examples 2.4. How is culture affecting changes in society through global influences? 3. Issue of Globalization 3.1. What is globalization? 3.2. Brief history of globalization 3.3. Major factors involved in globalization (economy, politics, technology, socio- cultural context especially mass media) 3.4. Effects of globalization on developing countries with specific reference to Pakistan 3.5. Brief discussion of the effects of globalization women 4. Patriarchal System of Society 4.1. What is Patriarchy? 4.2. Historical Perspective of Patriarchy 4.3. Aspects of Patriarchal system in Pakistan 4.3.1. Social aspect (domestic decision making, knowledge system, health, illiteracy, poverty, etc) 4.3.2. Economic aspect (workforce, decision making, etc) 4.3.3. Political aspect (right to vote, representation in parliament etc) 4.3.4. Legal aspect (laws and their practice e.g. right of divorce, dower, inheritance, other family laws etc) 4.3.5. How all these aspects affect the lives of women in Pakistan (brief South Asian Examples with particular reference to Pakistan) 4.3.6. Relation and Similarity of Patriarchy and Globalization 5. Violence Against Women 5.1. General concept of violence 5.2. Historical perspective of violence according to practice of patriarchy 5.3. General causes of violence 5.4. Situational analysis of violence against women –globally and within South Asia 5.5. Situational analysis of violence against women in Pakistan from domestic to state levels 5.6. Kinds of violence (with reference to Pakistan) 5.6.1. Societal violence (rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence, state policies and mass media, etc) 5.6.2. Cultural Violence (dowry, early marriages, honor killing, Quranic marriages, tribal laws etc) 5.7. Discussion on case histories and major international and national steps taken to curb this problem –their pros and cons 6. Lack of Security and vulnerability 6.1. Concept of security and vulnerability 6.2. Major issues within this issue effecting women in South Asia and in Pakistan 6.2.1. Kidnapping 6.2.2. Human Smuggling (trafficking of women) 6.2.3. Prostitution 6.2.4. Refugees and minorities 6.3. These issues include their general concepts, history, present situation and briefly global and national steps taken to curb them and their successes and failures 6.4. How level of society are involved, directly and indirectly, in promoting these issues 7. Women in Armed Conflicts 7.1. What are armed conflicts? 7.2. Kinds of armed conflicts 7.3. Brief global scenario of the armed conflicts and their effects on women 7.4. Analysis of South Asian conflicts and their influences on each other especially women with particular reference of Pakistan 7.5. Major armed conflicts 7.5.1. Partition of Sub-Continent in 1947 7.5.2. Issues of Kashmir 7.5.3. Indo-Pak wars in 1965 and 1971 (detail more on 1971 war) 7.5.4. Provincial unrest (ethnic, language and sectarian violence) 7.6. How all these conflicts have affected the lives of women? 7.7. Role of women as voice for peace and picking up the pieces (brief discussion)

Course Synopsis

This course gives an insight that how gender has relation with different societies and culture prevailing in Pakistan. It enables students to think deeply on different aspects of patriarchy in Pakistan and also introduce them with globalization and its widespread effects. Students can differentiate between different types of violence prevailing in the whole world and what kind of interventions are taking place to diminish it. They will also go through with different on-going armed conflict situations and its effects on different sexes of our society.

Course Learning Outcomes

• Students will familiar with different gender issues prevailing in diverse societal and cultural settings. • Students will learn about patriarchal structures and its relation with violence against women. • Students will get an insight about gender issues arise due to unrest situations at national and international levels.

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