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Course Contents

1. Gender and Identity 1.1. Construction of earlier gender identities 1.2. Peer and gender identities 1.3. Media and gender identities 1.4. Education and gender identities 2. Women’s education in historical context 2.1. Historical development of female education 2.1.1. Mughal period 2.1.2. Colonial period 2.2. Women’s education after independence 2.3. Benefits of women education 2.3.1. Children’s health and education 2.3.2. Population growth 2.3.3. Political and social participation 2.3.4. Economic growth participation 2.4. Overview of educational policies and development plans with gender perspective 3.Context of gender issues in education 3.1. Gender bias in education 3.2. causes of gender gaps and disparities 3.3. Women’s access to higher education 3.4. Constraints on women’s education 3.5. Education for all agenda 4. Gender disparities in curricula and text book 4.1. Gender portrayal in text books 4.2. Gender attributes in text book 4.3. Gender representation of profession in text book 5.Women’s career and education 5.1. Vocational and technical education 5.2. Women employment and education 5.3. Women at workplace 6.Education for women’s empowerment 6.1. Framework of women’s empowerment 6.2. Process of women’s empowerment 6.3. Conceptualizing women’s empowerment 6.4. Education and women’s empowerment

Course Synopsis

Attainment of education is the basic and universal human right. The present course highlights its importance in the lives of human beings with special focus on females. The course covers not only the historical struggle of females for education but the present different national and international policies. The course will provide an understanding of gender disparities in curriculum of different level of formal and informal education and training. It is also helpful for students to understand the link of education and empowerment.

Course Learning Outcomes

• Students can interlink education with formation of gender identities and women empowerment. • Students will able to highlight gender disparities in curriculum of different levels and can suggest gender unbiased educational material as well. • Students will be familiar and can analyze different governmental and non-governmental educational plans and policies.

Gender disparities in curricula and text book (Exposition of Gender Awareness in Primary Textbooks of Punjab: Gendered Content Analysis)

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Women education in Pakistan, Is the level enough for Empowerment

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Book Title : Beyond Access: Transforming Policy and Practice for Gender Equality in Education
Author : Sheila Aikman and Elaine Unterhalter (Editors)
Edition : First
Publisher : Oxfam
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Book Title : What Works in Girls' Education Evidence and Policies from the Developing World
Author : Barbara Herz and Gene B. Sperling
Edition : First
Publisher : Council on Foreign Relations
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Book Title : Promoting Gender Equality through Textbooks: A methodological guide
Author : Carole Brugeilles and Sylvie Cromer
Edition :
Publisher : United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
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Title : Gender and Perception of Profession
Type : Other

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Title : Women career
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