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Course Contents

1. Gender & Social Psychology a. Introduction to gender & social psychology 2. Self- Presentation and Social Perception a. Non-verbal behavior b. Attribution c. Impression management 3. Behavior and Attitudes a. Nature of attitudes b. Formation, maintenance, and change in attitudes c. Relationship between attitude and behavior d. Cognition & attitude 4. Aspects of Social Identity (I) The self a. Nature of the self b. Self concept c. Social diversity d. Self esteem (II) Other aspects of self functioning a. Self focusitig b. Cognitive and affective aspects c. Self Monitoring d. Self Efficacy (III) Gender & socialization 5. Social Influence a. Conformity b. Compliance c. Obedience 6. Pro-social Behavior a. Why do we help? b. When do we help? c. Does true altruism really exist? d. Whom do we help? e. How we can increase helping? 7. Aggression /hurting others a. What is Aggression? b. Influences on Aggression c. Reducing Aggression d. Lucifer effect e. Bullying 8. Orientation to Theories a. Stereotypes b. Prejudice and Discrimination c. Nature, Social causes and Historical Manifestation d. Combating Prejudice and hate crimes. 9. Interacting with others a. Interpersonal Attraction – need b. Intimacy c. Interpersonal violence. d. Group interactions e. Leadership & Gender. f. Perception, Persuasion  

Course Synopsis

Social Psychology is to give awareness of certain fundamental concepts and principles involved in human behavior. It provides an awareness of the major problems and issues in the discipline of social psychology, and the capacity to interpret research findings. Gender is a fluid concept and it is highly influenced by social surroundings and culture; so it is important to know how social environment impacts formation of identity, intersectionality, stereotypes, prejudices, biases, discrimination and even attitudes and behaviors.

Course Learning Outcomes

To understand how social influences formulate identity and further submission and supremacy of gender. To understand dynamics of stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination To equipped with knowledge to combat negative social influences

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