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Unit 01: The History and Emergence of Masculinity Studies 1.1 History of Masculinity 1.2 The Emergence of Masculinity Studies 1.3 Debates and Difficulties 1.4 Men’s Doing Feminism Unit 02: Theorizing Masculinity 2.1 Understanding masculinity 2.2 Masculinity as Ideology 2.3 Masculinity in Post Structural theory Unit 03: Masculinity: A Social Construction? 3.1 Social construction of masculinity 3.2 Masculinities in cross-cultural perspective 3.3 Multiple Masculinities Unit 04: Types of Masculinities 4.1 Hegemonic Masculinity 4.2 Subordinate Masculinities 4.3 Complicit Masculinities 4.4 Marginalized Masculinities 4.5 Hyper Masculinity Unit 05 Fatherhood: Social challenges and constraints 5.1 Traditional fatherhood vs motherhood 5.2 Challenges of Fatherhood 5.3 Contemporary wave of Fatherhood

Course Synopsis

This course explores the meaning and emergence of masculinity and aims to develop awareness about social construction of masculinities by using different theoretical lenses. There is not one version of masculinity but rather multiple masculinities influenced by gender, race, ethnicity, class, nationality, sexuality, disability and subcultures. This course will also explore the approaches to the study of men/masculinities and identify key concepts and issues for in-depth analysis.

Course Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, the students will be able to: • Introduce students to the study of men and masculinities. • Examine various approaches to the cross-cultural study of men and masculinities. • Examine the concept of masculinity/masculinities in the national/local context.

Theories of masculinity

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Hegemonic Masculinity lecture by Professor Claire

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Masculinities in cross-cultural perspective

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Redefining Masculinity

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Hyper Masculinity

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Book Title : The New Politics of Masculinity
Author : Fidelma Ashe
Edition : Ist
Publisher : Routledge
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Book Title : Masculinities
Author : R.W.Connell
Edition : Second
Publisher : University of California Press
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Title : Understanding masculinity
Type : Presentation

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Title : Masculinity as Ideology
Type : Presentation

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Title : Social construction of masculinity
Type : Presentation

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Title : Types of Masculinities
Type : Presentation

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Title : Masculinity in theory
Type : Other

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Title : History of Masculinity
Type : Other

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Title : The Emergence of Masculinity Studies
Type : Other

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Title : Debates and Difficulties in Masculinity
Type : Other

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Title : Multiple Masculinities and Intersectionality
Type : Other

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Title : Social organization of Masculinity
Type : Other

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Title : Traditional fatherhood vs motherhood
Type : Other

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Title : Contemporary wave of Fatherhood
Type : Other

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Title : Feminism for Men
Type : Other

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Title : Men, Masculinities and feminist theory
Type : Other

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Title : Connell's Theory of masculinity
Type : Other

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Title : Masculinities
Type : Reference Book

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Title : The new Politics of Masculinity
Type : Reference Book

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