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Course Contents

1. Feminism in Historical Perspective:
1.1. Feminism
1.2. Feminist Movements: A Brief Historical Sketch
1.2.1. First Wave Feminism
1.2.2. Second Wave Feminism
1.2.3. Third Wave Feminism
1.3. Feminist Thought of Classical Greek Philosophers (Plato, Aristotle and Socrates etc)

2. Liberal feminism
2.1. Liberal Feminism as a School of Thought
2.2. Critiques of Liberal Feminism
2.3. Contemporary direction in Liberal Feminists
2.4. Mary Wollstonecraft (18th century Liberal Feminist)
2.5. John Stuart Mill (19th century Liberal Feminist)
2.6. Harriet Taylor (19th century Liberal Feminist)
2.7. Betty Freidan (20th century Liberal Feminist)
2.7.1. Feminism Mystique
2.7.2. The Second Stage
2.7.3. Fountain of age

3. Radical Feminism
3.1. Radical Feminism as school of thought
3.2. Kate Millet (Radical Feminist)
3.3. Shulamith Firestone (Radical Feminist)
3.4. Frederick Engel’s (Radical Feminist)

4. Marxist and socialist Feminism
4.1. Some Marxist Concepts and Theories: Their Feminists Implications
4.2. The Marxist Concept of Human Nature
4.3. The Marxist Theory of Economics
4.4. The Marxist Theory of Society The Marxist Theory of Politics
4.5. Karl Marx
4.6. Contemporary Marxist Feminism
4.7. Friedrich Engel’s: The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State.
4.8. Socialist Feminism

5. Cultural Feminism
6. Postmoderen Feminism
7. PostStructural Feminism
8. Eco feminism
9. Islamic Feminism
10. Feminist movements in Pakistan

Course Synopsis

This course mainly traces the historical development and perspectives of feminist theories and movements from the woman controversy of the early eighteenth century, through influential nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first-century debates in a variety of contexts (including Liberal, Radical, Cultural, Marxist, Socialist, Postmodern, Poststructural, Eco and Islamic Feminism).

Course Learning Outcomes

 Enable students to make a comparison between the views of different schools of thoughts in feminism  To analyze and make the comparison between eastern and western thoughts, movements and wave of feminism  Students will be able to learn epistemological knowledge of feminism

Eco Feminism

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Marxist Feminism from Page 27 - 30

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Islamic Feminism

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Feminist movement in Pakistan -1

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Feminist movement in Pakistan -2

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Book Title : Feminist Thought
Author : Rosemarie Tong
Edition : Third Edition
Publisher : Westview Press
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Title : Marxist Feminism
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Title : What exactly is Ecofeminism
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Title : Feminism and the Women’s Movement in Pakistan
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Title : Brief scenario of Feminist movement in Pakistan
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