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Introduction to Toxicology. Classification and properties of toxic substances, characteristics of exposure, dose-response relationship, mechanism of toxicity, Narcosis, Apoptosis, fibrosis, anthropogenic and natural poisons, acute and chronic effects, genotoxic, mutagens, teratogens, carcinogens and sensitizers. Teratology, Biological properties of organic and inorganic pollutants: essentiality and toxicity. Bioaccumulation and bio-magnification. Fate of absorbed toxins and xenobiotics, including detoxification and bio activation. Natural detoxification processes. Toxic impacts of atmosphere agents: acid rain, radiation, ozone, photochemical smog, Risk management.

Course Learning Outcomes

The course aims to; 1. Providing knowledge related to toxic chemicals in air, water and soil, 2. Enable students to understand dose response relationship in living organisms. 3. Develop knowledge about short term (acute) and long-term (chronic) effects on organ system, their containment and control strategies.

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Book Title : Toxicology: The Basic Science of Poisons,
Author : Casarett & Doull’s
Edition : 6th
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education / Medical

Title : introduction of toxicology
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Title : types of toxic reactions
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Title : Mechanisms of toxicology1
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Title : reproductive toxicology
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