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Introduction to biotechnology, Tools inenvironmental biotechnology, fundamentals of biological interventions, Recombinant DNA Technology, Genetic manipulations of organisms Environmental pollution and waste management: Emerging biotechnological processes in waste water treatment, Bioprocess technology: Biomass strategy, Bioreactors, Biodegradation of pollutants Bioremediation and biorestoration of contaminated lands, Bioleaching, Extraction of metals from ores, Recovery of metals from solutions. Waste land: Uses and management, Plant biotechnology: Production of disease free plants, Bioinsecticides, Biofertilizers. Ecology of biofilms, Biosafety regulations: Release of genetically engineered microbes in the environment, Public acceptance issue for environmental biotechnology, Key to the environmentally responsible use of biotechnology. PRACTICALS 1. Introduction to preparative procedures used in Environmental Biotechnology. 2. Preparation of biological buffer of different pH. 3. DNA extraction methods from environmental substrates 4. Isolation of microorganisms from industrial effluent. 5. Remediation of metal ions through microbes 6. Lab scale Production of industrial enzyme 7. Determination of activity of industerial enzymes involved in biotransformation 8. Estimation of protein by Bradford method 9. Molecular fingerprinting techniques for estimation of microbial diversity

Course Learning Outcomes

on the completion if this course students will be able to understand the tools and techniques used in environmental biotechnology and Know about biotechnological processes in the waste treatment.

plant biotechnology

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GMOs, release regulations

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ethical aspects of biotechnology

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Book Title : environmental Biotechnology
Author : Gareth M. Evans and Judith C. Furlong
Edition : 2nd
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Title : bioremediation
Type : Presentation

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Title : bio remediation of gaseous pollutants
Type : Presentation

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