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COURSE OUTLINE Introduction to economics; environmental economics, fundamentals and scope of environmental economics. Economic management and environmental quality, economic growth and its measurement, population and environmental quality, interaction between ecology and economic management. Economic functions of environment. Fundamental concepts of Economics: Consumer behaviour, Producer behaviour, and Resource allocation. Optimum utilization of resources: from consumer, producer and community point of view. Economic development, economic progress, economic growth, economic welfare and difference among all. Impact of economic activity on environment: Cost benefits analysis. Sustainable development: meanings, definition, reasons and policy, measures for sustainable development. Sustainable development in DCs and LDCs, W.R.T. Pakistan. budget and priorities, Loans, government economic policies and implementations. Entrepreneurship: An evolving Concept, Pathways to Entrepreneurial Venture, Sources of capital for entrepreneurial ventures, Developing an effective business plan.

Course Learning Outcomes

AIMS This course aims to: 1. Study fundamentals of Economics. 2. Give understanding of optimum utilization of resources. 3. Discuss in detail the impact of Economic activity on Environment and Sustainable development with reference to developed and under developed countries

Introduction to Environmental Economics

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Fundamentals and Scope of Environmental Economics

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Principles of Economics

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Market Forces of Supply and Demand

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Book Title : Environmental and Natural Resource Management
Author : David A. Anderson
Edition : 3rd
Publisher : Routledge
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Book Title : Principles of Environmental Economics
Author : Ahmed M. Hussen
Edition : 2nd
Publisher : Routledge
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Book Title : Entrepreneurship: Theory/Process/Practice
Author : Donald F. Kuratko
Edition : 4th
Publisher : Cengage Learning Australia
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Title : Environmental Economics
Type : Reference Book

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Title : Principles of Environmental Economics
Type : Reference Book

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