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Introduction to microbiology: The history of microbiology, Microbes. Groups of microorganisms: Algae, Fungi, Mold, Yeast, and Viruses. The morphology and anatomy of bacteria. Bacterial reproduction and growth, Effect of physical factors on bacteria, Viruses: Virus structure, Virus symmetry, Virus proteins, Viral genome, Virus cultivation, Virus replication, Virion. Applied microbiology; Soil microbiology, Air microbiology, Water microbiology, Microbes of sewage water. Characteristic of infection in the host, Normal microbial flora, Mechanism of bacterial pathogeniaty. Food microbiology: Microbial spoilage of foods, Food poisoning, Food infection, Disease infection, Sources and communicability. PRACTICALS 1. To study the design of different biosafety rules and personal care safety. 2. Preparation and sterilization of media for growth of various microorganisms. 3. Control of microbes by physical agents 4. Isolation of microorganisms from air. 5. Isolation of microorganisms from soil and water through serial dilutions. 6. Assessment of microbiological quality of milk by methyle blue reductase test 7. Measurement of bacterial growth. 8. Isolation of fungi from air, water and soil. 9. Study of different protozoans from water. 10. Determination of E coli from drinking water sample.

Course Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this course the students will be able to: 1. Describe the occurrence, abundance and distribution of microorganism in the environment. 2. Understand the important role of microorganisms in both the natural and man-made environment. 3. Learn the microbial application in engineering practice and solution.

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Book Title : Microbiology An Application based approach
Author : Micheal J. Pelczar
Edition :
Publisher : Tata McGraw-Hill Education

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