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Course Contents

Introduction To Environmental Chemistry, Chemistry of atmosphere, temperature changes in, particle ions and free radicals in atmosphere, atmospheric oxidants, atmospheric photochemistry highlighting reactions of nitrogen oxygen in upper atmosphere, chemistry of organic and inorganic particulate matter in atmosphere, Volatile organic compounds, automobile air pollutants, chemistry of Photochemical smog formation, atmospheric reactions of organic radicals, stratospheric ozone shield, chemistry of catalytic destruction of ozone, Indoor air pollution various indoor air pollutants,. NO cycle, the chlorine cycle, Null cycles, Acid rain and chemistry of stone cancer, Chemistry of hydrosphere, oxidation – Reduction, chelation reactions in aqueous systems. Aquatic toxic chemistry of some important elements (Iran, Copper, mercury, lead etc.) acid mine drainage, toxic chemicals in water (halogenated compounds detergents, petroleum products and polymers). Environmental Chemistry renewable energy sources, sustainability through green chemistry.

Course Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course the student will be able to: Have knowledge of key themes, theories and problems and describe important chemical reactions in the atmosphere and in water, including important chemical reactions in connection with smog formation, ozone chemistry and acid rain chemistry. outline the molecular basis of the greenhouse effect. know aquatic chemistry and water pollution. know problems in connection with the use of fossil fuels. know alternative energy sources. know important pesticides. identify environmental contaminants such as PCBs, PAHs, CFCs. Demonstrate knowledge of chemical principles of various fundamental environmental phenomena and processes in land, water, and air.

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Book Title : 1. Environmental Chemistry.
Author : Ibanez, J.G., Hemandez-Esparaz, M., Doria-Serrano, C., Fregoso-Infante, A. and Singh, M.M.
Edition : NA
Publisher : Springer, Germany.2008

Book Title : Chemistry of the Environment.Spiro.
Author : ,G.T.,K.P.Roberts and W.M.Stigliani
Edition : 3rd Edition,2017
Publisher : viva books

Title : photochemical oxidants
Type : Reference Book

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Title : introduction to env .chemistry
Type : Reference Book

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