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Introduction to environmental management system. Principles in the process of environmental management. Elements in the process of environmental management. Methods of environmental management, Environmental planning, Environmental regulations, Sustainable development. Applications of environmental management principles and tools of environmental management. Introduction of ISO 14000 series of standards and its role in environmental management, ISO 14001 , ISO 1440 Life cycle analysis, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Cleaner production. BOOKS RECOMMENDED 1. Sheldon, C. and Yoxon, M. 2012.Environmental Management System: A Step by Step Guide to Implementation and Maintenance. Earthscan, London. England. 3rd 2. Tinsley, S. 2011. Environmental Management Systems: Understanding Organizational Drivers and Barriers.Earthscan, London. England. 1stEdition. 3. Madu, C. N. 2007. Environmental Planning and Management. Imperial College Press, London.UK. 4. Donald, M. and Gert, R. 2005. Urban Environmental Planning: Policies, Instruments, and Methods in an International Perspective. Ashgate Publishing Ltd. London, UK. 5. Carley, M. and Christie, I. 2013. Managing Sustainable Development. Earthscan, London. England. 2nd Edition.

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After studying this course student will: 1. Understand the concept and elements of environmental planning for sustainable development. 2. Have knowledge about principles of environmental management with reference to complex environmental problems. 3. Have knowledge and understanding to correlate and apply environmental management and planning principles for sustainable development.

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Book Title : ISO 14001 Step by Step Guide
Author : A J Edward
Edition : 1st 2003
Publisher : Butterworth-Heinemann

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