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Course Contents

Law, Branches of law, General principles of Environmental law, Policies, Plans and Regulations. Torts: Nuisance law and trespass law, Sources of International Environmental Law; Conventions, Agreements and Treaty, Use of policy Instruments in Environmental Regulations. Convention on International trade in Endangered Species of wild flora and fauna 1975 (CITES), United Nation Convention on Climate Change 1992 (UNFCCC), Vienna Convention on the protection of Ozone layer 1985, Convention on long-range transboundary Air Pollution 1979, Clean Air Act amendments of 1990, Clean Water Act 1972, Stockholm Declaration 1972, Montreal Protocol 1989, Rio Declaration 1992. Sources of National Environmental Law; Rules, Regulations and Guidelines in Pakistan. Environmental Institution Framework in Pakistan. Pakistan Environmental Protection Ordinance, 1983. Pakistan Environmental Protection Act 1997. EPEO, Environmental Impact Assessment and Legal requirements. Land, Forest and Natural Conservation. Public Participation. Environmental Litigation and Case Law. Public Interest Litigation. National and provincial Conservation Strategy. WTO and Environment.

Course Synopsis

This course is designed to acquaint students with the legal issues involved in the protection of the environment. This is to be achieved through exposure to the sources of Pakistan environmental regulation: international, national and state as well as through international laws.

Course Learning Outcomes

To provide interactive, intensive, theoretical and thorough knowledge on environmental law and policy to: 1. Develop an understanding of environmental legislative system in Pakistan. 2. Give an understanding of the role of state and its instruments in the governance of environment in order to learn responsibilities of state and rights of its citizens for environmentally sustainable development. 3. Motivate students upon critical discussion on environmental law in Pakistan.

An elaboration of the pakistan environmental protection Act 1997.

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International Environmental law and its sources

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sources of environmental law, convention, agreement and treaties

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Book Title : International Environmental Law and the Global South
Author : Shawkat Alam,Sumudu Atapattu,Carmen G. Gonzalez and Jona Razzaque
Edition : 1st
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
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Title : WTO
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Title : Rio declaration
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Title : CITES 1975
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Title : National Conservation strategy
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Title : PEPA 1997
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Title : UNFCCC
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Title : stockholm conference 1972
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Title : PEPO 1983
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Title : COnvention on long range transboundary air pollution 1979
Type : Presentation

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Title : Clean air act ammendments 1990
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Title : EIA
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