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Quality assurance in environmental science, standard solution, calibration curves, Sample collection and storage (Air, water, soil),Basic lab techniques, filtration, Extraction, Filtration, centrifugation, sedimentation , Dilution, digestion, principles and application in environmental analysis, distillation and solvent extraction (principal and working) Storage of organic and inorganic samples in laboratory. Lab management and safety practices, spectroscopy (principle and working of UV –visible spectroscopy), ion meter and conductivity (selective ion electrodes); DO meter and Chemical oxygen demand (significance and measurement); Titrimetric and Gravimetric analysis (significance and trouble shoots); Calorimetric analyses (bomb calorimetry, their technique and data interpretation); Chromatography (planar, column, HPLC, GC). PRACTICALS 1. Separation of different color pigments by Paper Chromatography. 2. Purify an organic compound by Thin Layer Chromatography. 3. Analysis of samples using HPLC. 4. To study various scientific portable instruments. 5. To study working of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. 6. To study working of UV/Visible spectrometer. 7. To determine COD of waste water samples. 8. Solvent extraction of bioactive component from plant material. 9. Wet digestion analysis of waste water samples. 10. Dry digestion of samples. 11. To determine calorific value by bomb calorimetery.

Course Synopsis

lab practice of environmental analysis,,,

Course Learning Outcomes

The course aims to: 1. Enhance the knowledge regarding different types of environmental samples and develop skills for analysis of specific samples through appropriate instruments. 2. Enable the students to learn how particular samples and pollutants can be analyzed through appropriate techniques. 3. Equip students with the knowledge and hand on experience for sampling, handling, storage and analysis of various samples for research and analysis of data.

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COD determination of waste water

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Book Title : Analytical chemistry. -- Seventh edition
Author : GaryD. Christian University of Washington Purnendu K. (Sandy) Dasgupta University of Texas at Arling
Edition : Seventh edition
Publisher : WILEY
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