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Course Contents

Qualitative and Quantitative methods of research. Research design, Purpose of research, Units of analysis, Time dimension, Research project conceptualization, Choice of methods, Elements of research proposal, Questionnaires design, Survey research, interview and other survey methods; strength and weaknesses, The logic of sampling; Concepts and terminology, Population and sampling frames, types of sampling design, Field studies; Steps in the conduct of field study, Formulation of research design, Pre testing of research instruments and procedures, Evaluation research, experimental design and use of indicators in research. Univariate analysis and multivariate analysis.

Course Learning Outcomes

The course aims to: 1. Provide an understanding of the techniques and concepts of the qualitative and quantitative research. 2. Illustrate stages and techniques of formulating research questions, designing different experiments, studies and surveys to collect data according to the nature of the research and resources available. 3. Explain statistical analysis techniques to summarize and organize data into meaningful form. It will also provide an introduction to data analysis using statistical software packages and explain the principles and methods of thesis writing and data presentation.

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