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Genral background to Renaissance n Reformation The Development of the Sonnet Elizabethen Drama,Prose n Poetry Milton,the Metaphysical n Cavalier Poets The Age of Reason n New Classicism Restoration Drama

Course Synopsis

This course mainly focuses on historical n socio cultural events influence lit.written in English. The readers shall focus on early 16th to late 19th entury that is till RomanticMovement.

Course Learning Outcomes

The reading of lit.in this perspective will help the students to become aware of the fact that literary works are basically a referential product of the practice that goes back to continuous interdisciplinary interaction

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Book Title : Renaissance Literature
Author : Siobhan Keenan
Edition : 2008
Publisher : Edinburg University Press

Book Title : A Companion to English Renaissance Literature and Culture
Author : Edited by Michael Hathaway
Edition : 2003
Publisher : Blackwell publishing house

Title : Sonnets
Type : Presentation

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Title : Mock epic poem
Type : Presentation

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Title : Odes and their characteristics
Type : Presentation

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