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Course Contents

1- Principles and concepts of development i- Meaning, definitions and traditional economic measures ii- Core values of development iii- sustainable development goals 2- Diverse structure and common characteristics of development nation i- Holistic measures of living level and capabilities ii- The new human development index iii- The structural diversity and common characteristics 3- Classical theory of development 4- Rostow stages of growth 5- Harrow Domar model, Lewis model, Endogenous growth theory

Course Synopsis

This is an intermediate undergraduate course in development economics. The course covers the topics related to the meaning and measurement of economic development, growth theories and gives the understanding to analyze the concept at country level especially in the context of a developing country, like Pakistan.

Course Learning Outcomes

1- Demonstrate familiarity with some central themes and issues of economic development. 2- Demonstrate the understanding of the difference between growth and development, major growth theories 3- Analyse empirical evidence on the patterns of economic development. 4- Read critically the journal literature in the area of economic development.

Economic Growth and Development

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Lewis Model

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Book Title : Development Economics
Author : Todaro & Smith (2014)
Edition : 11th or 12th Edition
Publisher : Pearson
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Book Title : An Introduction to Modern Theories of Economic Growth
Author : Jones H. G.
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : McGraw Hills
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Title : Growth and investment
Type : Other

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Title : Understanding Growth and Poverty
Type : Other

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