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Course Contents

1. Consumers Choice: i. Preferences, Utility ii. Budget constraint iii. Constrained Consumer Choice 2. Applying Consumer Theory: i. Deriving demand curves ii. Effects of an increase in income iii. Effects of a price increase iv. Revealed Preferences 3. Market power and market structures i.Monopoly ii.Oligopoly and Monopolistic Competition:Market structures, Game Theory,cooperative oligopoly models,Cournot model,Stackleberg model,comparison of collusive,Cournot,Stackleberg and Competitive equilibria,Bertrand price setting model iii. Monopolistic Competition 4.Market for factors of production i.Competitive factors market ii.Efficiency wages iii.Earnings and discrimination iv.Effect of Monopolies on factor market v. Monopsony 5.General equilibrium and Economic welfare General equilibrium , trading between two people,competitive exchange, production and trading, efficiency and equality

Course Synopsis

This course focuses upon a range of microeconomic principles, their use by economists in economic analysis and their relevance in the global economy. This course builds on intermediate microeconomics course by strengthening the student's knowledge of the fundamental theories related to micro level economics via the covering of subjects not covered by fundamental courses of economics by using advanced analytical tools and deeper level of discussions.

Course Learning Outcomes

1- Prepare students with the principles of economic analysis. 2- Provide students with the analytical tools, resources, skills and experiences to understand and evaluate economic problems that they may encounter in real life situations. 3- Develop analytical learning skills to prepare students for graduate employment. 4- Improve student's abilities and skills required for working alone and in teams. 5- Implementation of knowledge on a real life cases. 6- Deep understanding of the microeconomics theories


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Book Title : Microeconomics
Author : Jeffrey M. Perloff
Edition : Seventh Edition
Publisher : Pearson

Book Title : Microeconomis
Author : Jeffery M.Perloff
Edition : fourth edition
Publisher : Pearson
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Title : Microeconomics
Type : Reference Book

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Title : Consumer Behaviour
Type : Presentation

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