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Course Contents

1. Basic Concepts  Software, hardware  Operating System, Utility Program, Application Software  Input and Output Devices  Storage Devices 2. Windows the Desktop, Files and Folders  Basics of File Management. 3. Microsoft Word  Basics of Word Processing  Creating First Document  Managing Files  Customizing  Editing a Document  Finding and Replacing Text  Copying and Moving Information  Proofing a Document  Formatting Characters and Paragraphs  Creating Lists  Applying Borders and Shading  Inserting Footers and Headers  Printing a Document 4. Microsoft Excel  Introduction to spread sheets  Formatting cells, Columns, Rows and worksheets  Using Fill handle  Inserting and Removing Cell, Rows and Columns  Creating Formulas  Functions in Formulas  Creating Charts  Printing a Workbook 5. Microsoft Power Point  Power Point tools and Concepts  Editing Slides  Running a Slide Show  Enhancing power point presentation 6. Using Digital Library

Course Synopsis

This course aims to introduce computer concepts, including file management, fundamental functions and operations of the computer. The topics include the concepts of hardware, the use of software applications and the use of the digital library.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the students should be able to:  Identify the basic elements in a computer system  Produce electronic documents using various software applications  Use the Digital Library

Borders, shading, page border, header & footer etc in word documents

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proofing a document in word

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editing a document

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creating new folder in word

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opening,saving, closing etc documents in word

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basic concepts about computer systems including input ,output and storage devices

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