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Nuclear Chemistry Fundamental and applied aspects of radioactivity and nuclear chemistry, types and characteristics of nuclear radiation, structure of nucleus, half life, nuclear binding energy, and artificial radioactivity, fission and fusion reactions, Applications of radioisotopes. Reactor and their uses: reactors for electric power generation. Reactor associated problems, the fuel cycle, management of radioactive waste. Magnetochemistry Theory of magnetism, paramagnetism, diamagnetism, ferro-, ferri- & anti- magnetism, Magnetic susceptibility, magnetic moments, Faraday’s & Gouy’s methods, orbital contribution to magnetic moment. The Russell-Sunders coupling scheme, microstates derivation of terms symbols for p1 to p6 and d1 to d10 system.

Course Synopsis

The aim of this course involves a thorough introduction and central concepts of nuclear chemistry and radioactivity. The course will comprise of the physical structure of nucleus and how do the properties of nucleus and atom change during radioactive decay. The subject will also explore the magnetochemistry

Course Learning Outcomes

1- Know the principles of radioactivity and its applications to solve human problems e.g energy, medical etc. 2. Know the principles of radioactive hygiene and interaction of radiation with matter. 3. An increased knowledge and understanding of the magnetochemistry. 4. Russell saunder couplings and how to calculate the term symbols.

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Book Title : Nuclear and Radiochemistry
Author : G. Friedlander, J. W. Kennedy, E. S. Macias, J. M. Miller
Edition : 3rd Edition
Publisher : John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1981

Book Title : Inorganic Electronic Spectroscopy
Author : A.B.P. Lever
Edition : 2nd
Publisher : Elsevier Publishing Company, 1968

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Title : derivation of terms symbols
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Title : term symbols
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