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Course Contents

Periodicity General trends, first and second row anomalies, size effect in non-metals, the diagonal relationship, the use of p-orbital in pi-bonding, The use (or not) of d-orbital’s by non metals, Reactivity and d-orbital participation, periodic anomalies of the non-metals and post-transition metals, anomalies of group IIIA and IVA, the inert pair effect, Relativistic effect, anomalous ionization energies and electron affinities, alterations of electronegativities in the heavier non-metals, conclusion Kinetics and mechanism of inorganic reactions Classification of inorganic reactions (D, Id, A, Ia mechanisms), Rate law, stationary state approximation, role of water as solvent, inert and labile complexes. Octahedral Complexes Substitution reactions in octahedral complexes, Acid hydrolysis, Acid catalyzed aquation, anation reaction Square planar complexes Substitution reactions in square planar complexes, nucleophilic reactivity, trans effect, Mechanism of substitution, effect of leaving group Oxidation reduction reactions of metal ions Outer sphere mechanism, Inner sphere mechanism

Course Synopsis

The first part of the course comprises of the study of anomalous behaviour of certain elements in a period table. The use of p and d block orbitals would be discussed with respect to anomalous behaviour of these elements. The second part of yhe course consists of study of reaction rates of inorganic reactions. Both square planar and octahedral metal complexes will be studied and their reaction mechanism will be discussed.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students should have understood the anomalies present in periodic table. They would have a deep understanding of the reaction rates and mechanism in square planar and octahedral metal complexes.

Substitution in octahedral and square planar complexes

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Periodicity and rate of inorganic reactions

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Periodic anomalies

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Periodic anomalies of non metals and post transition metals

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Substitution reactions in octahedral complexes

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Book Title : Inorganic Chemistry: Principles of Structure and Reactivity
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Book Title : Mechanisms of inorganic reactions in solution
Author : Benson D
Edition : 4th edition
Publisher : McGraw Hill,

Title : Mechanism of inorganic reactions
Type : Other

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Title : Chemical kinetics and mechanism of inorganic reactions
Type : Reference Book

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