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Course Contents

Chemical Analysis and Data Handling Analytical Chemistry, The Analytical Perspective, Accuracy of analytical process such as Sampling, Weighing, Volume measurements, Precipitation ( Washing, Filtration), Recent developments in the Sampling techniques, Statistical Analysis, Random and Systematic Errors, Analysis of Data, Mean, Median, Mode, Deviation, Standard Deviation, Relative Standard Deviation, Development of Procedure and Validation. Ionic Equilibria in Solutions Activity, Activity coefficients, Characteristics of Activity coefficient, Ionic Strength, Hydrogen Ion Activity and pH for weak and strong monobasic and dibasic acids, Common Ion Effect and its applications Buffers, Types of Buffers, Henderson- Hassalbalch equation, Buffer Action, Buffer Capacity, Applications.

Course Synopsis

The course focuses on the basic concepts of analytical chemistry related to data handling and data interpretation. the second part of this course is related with ionic equilibria and relevant introductory concepts. how to prepare various buffers and use them

Course Learning Outcomes

The course would make the students well versed with: Introductory analytical techniques such as weighing, volumetric analysis, and other such concepts. How to obtain the data and interpret it.

pipetting a solution

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weighing principles

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significant figures, errors in measurement

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precipitation titration

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standard deviation

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sampling techniques

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applications of Uv

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book analytical chemistry

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Book Title : Modern Analytical chemistry
Author : David Harvey
Edition : 2nd
Publisher : McGraw & Hill

Title : volumetric analysis
Type : Presentation

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Title : sampling techniques
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Title : mean median mode
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