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1. Introduction and importance of biodiversity: Species diversity, 2. Ecological diversity, Genetic diversity. 3. The value of species 4. Sustainable use of biodiversity (plant wealth) 5. Inventory and monitoring of biodiversity 6. Importance of red data book 7. Causes and depletion of biodiversity: Habitat loss, Habitat fragmentation, Over-exploitation, Climatic changes, Invasive species. 8. How species become endangered? 9. Extinction of species, present rate. Theory of mass extinction 10. In situ and ex situ conservation of plants 11. Gene bank management and operation 12. Role of herbaria and botanical gardens in conservation. 13. Implementation of laws (protection and conservation of various taxa. 14. Management plan for protected area 15. Baseline study 16. Criteria for determining different categories of protected areas 17. Protected areas of Pakistan 18. IUCN categories for threatened species 19. Criteria for recognizing different categories of threatened species 20. Impact assessment 21. Public awareness strategies. 22. Population explosion 23. Biodiversity action plan for Pakistan Practicals 1- Diversity in the plant kingdom 2- Causes of local species extinction. 3 -Field excursion. 4 -Data collection. 5- Preparation of an inventory of the flora of a given region. 6 -To carry on base line study of any designated category.

Impact Assessment

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Population Explosion

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Book Title : Biodiversity Action Plan for Pakistan
Author : Government of Pakistan
Edition : 1999
Publisher : Government of Pakistan
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Title : Protected areas: categories, criteria, PAs of Pakistan
Type : Presentation

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Title : Implementation of Laws
Type : Presentation

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