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1. Introduction: history and recent developments in ecology 2. Soil: Nature and properties of soil (Physical and Chemical). Water in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum. The ionic environment and plant ionic relations, Nutrient cycling. Physiology and ecology of N, S, P and K nutrition. Heavy metals (brief description), Salt and drought stress and osmoregulation. Soil erosion 3. Light and temperature: Nature of light, Factors affecting the variation in light and temperature, Responses of plants to light and temperature, Adaptation to temperature extremes, 4. Carbon dioxide: Stomatal responses, water loss and CO2-assimilation rates of plants in contrasting environments. Ecophysiological effects of changing atmospheric CO2 concentration. Functional significance of different pathways of CO2 fixation. Productivity: response of photosynthesis to environmental factors, C and N balance 5. Water: Water as an environmental factor, Role of water in the growth, adaptation and distribution of plants, Water status in soil. Water and stomatal regulation, Transpiration of leaves and canopies. 6. Oxygen deficiency: Energy metabolism of plants under oxygen deficiency, Morpho-anatomical changes during oxygen deficiency, Post-anoxic stress 7. Wind as an ecological factor. 8. Fire as an ecological factor. Practicals 1. Determination of physio-chemical properties of soil and water. 2. Measurements of light and temperature under different ecological conditions. 4. Measurement of CO2 and O2 concentration of water. 5. Effect of light, temperature, moisture, salinity and soil type on germination and growth of plants. 6. Measurement of ions, osmotic potential, water potential, leaf area and rate of CO2 exchange. in plants in relation to various environmental conditions.

CO2 response towards plant ecology

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Wind an ecological factor

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Oxygen deficiency

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Book Title : Principle of Terrestrial Plant Ecology
Author : . Chapin, F.S. et al.
Edition : 2nd
Publisher : Springer Verlag

Title : CO2 response towards plant ecology
Type : Presentation

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Title : oxygen deficiency
Type : Presentation

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Title : Wind an ecological factor
Type : Presentation

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