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a) Phycology Introduction, general account, evolution, classification, biochemistry, ecology and economic importance of the following divisions of algae: Chlorophyta, Charophyta, Xanthophyta, Bacillariophyta, Phaeophyta and Rhodophyta. b) Bryology Introduction and general account of bryophytes, classification, theories of origin and evolution. Brief study of the classes: Hepaticopsida, Anthoceropsida and Bryopsida. Practicals a) Phycology i. Collection of fresh water and marine algae. ii. Identification of benthic and planktonic algae iii. Section cutting of thalloid algae iv. Preparation of temporary slides v. Use of camera lucida /micrographs. b) Bryology Study of the following genera: Pellia, Porella, Anthoceros and Polytrichum.

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Title : introduction to algae
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