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1. Nucleic Acids: DNA-circular and superhelical DNA. Renaturation, hybridization, sequencing of nucleic acids, synthesis of DNA 2. Proteins: Basic features of protein molecules. Folding and unfolding of polypeptide ,Protein targeting. chain, á-helical and â-secondary structures. Protein purification and sequencing. 3. Transcription: Enzymatic synthesis of RNA, transcriptional signals Translation: The genetic code. The Wobbling, polycistronic and monocistronic RNA. Overlapping genes. 4. Gene regulation in Eukaryotes: Differences in genetic organization and prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Regulation of transcription, initiation, regulation of RNA processing, regulation of nucleocytoplasmic mRNA transport, regulation of mRNA stability, regulation of translation, regulation of protein activity. 4. Plant Omics: Transcriptomics: DNA libraries, their construction, screening and application. Microarray of gene technology and its application in functional genomics. 5. Proteomics: structural and functional proteomics. Methods to study proteomics Metabolomics; methods to study metabolomics; importance and application of metabolomics. 7. Bioinformatics and computational biology. Levels, scope, potential and industrial application of bioinformatics and computational biology. Practicals 1. Introduction of computer, collection of data from internet and its application. 2. Visit to the center of molecular biology.

Course Learning Outcomes

1. Knowledge about behavior and properties of Nucleic Acids 2. Knowledge about behavior and properties of Proteins 3. Knowledge advanced concepts related to Transcription 4. Understanding gene regulation in Eukaryotes 5. Introduction to Plant Omics i.e., Transcriptomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics 6. Knowledge about Bioinformatics and computational biology

Site Directed mutagenesis

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Book Title : Molecular Biology of Gene
Edition : 7th Edition
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Title : Molecular Biology of Gene
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Title : Metabolomics
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