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Introduction; unethical academic practices (plagiarism); need of research and research types; extraction and review of literature; identifying a research problem and formulating a hypothesis; designing a study; data collection, interpretation and analysis; writing a research report, project, thesis and/or research article or review; preparing posters; making scientific presentations; intellectual property.

Course Synopsis

To familiarize students with various methods used for conducting research and latest trends in the field of biotechnology through reading and understanding scientific literature, preparing scientific manuscripts, designing research projects and presenting them.

Course Learning Outcomes

students will be able to understand the basic skills of writing thesis.

Data sampling

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endnote tutorial

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Basic statistical techniques

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anova statistics

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SPSS software

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Book Title : Social research methods
Author : Bryman A
Edition : Second Edition
Publisher : Oxford University Press

Book Title : Research Mehthodology
Author : Kumar R, Kindersley D, 2010
Edition : Third Edition
Publisher : SAGE Publications

Book Title : Technical Writing
Author : Durrani SA, 2004
Edition : Ist edition
Publisher : Higher Education Commission, Islamabad

Book Title : Research Mehthodology
Author : Kothari CR, 2004
Edition : Second Revised Edition
Publisher : New Age International Publishers, New Delhi.

Title : Lec1 Research Methodology
Type : Presentation

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Title : Lec2 research process
Type : Presentation

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Title : Lec3 Data sampling
Type : Presentation

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Title : Review of Basic Techniques
Type : Presentation

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Title : Report or Thesis writing
Type : Presentation

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Title : new LCWU format natural science
Type : Presentation

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Title : Experimental Design 1
Type : Presentation

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Title : Plagiarism 1
Type : Presentation

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Title : SPSS 1
Type : Presentation

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