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Introduction to microorganisms and biological molecules; principles of enzyme catalysis; methods of enzyme and cell immobilization; enzyme kinetics; internal mass transfer effect on immobilized growth; stoichiometry models of microbial growth; structured model, of microbial growth; bioreactors - continuous stirred tank bioreactors, plug-flow and packed bed bioreactors, imperfect mixing, fed batch bioreactors, gas liquid mass transfer in bioreactors, power requirement for bioreactor, sterilization and heat transfer in bioreactors; introduction to bioproduct recovery; biological product manufacturing; economic analysis of bioprocesses; case study: penicillin.

Course Synopsis

To acquaint students with fundamentals of biochemical engineering.

Course Learning Outcomes

To learn how to develop a new product from lab scale to pilot scale to industrial level

Enzyme kinetics

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Cell Immobilisation

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Microbial Growth

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Enzyme kinetics and Chemostat

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Book Title : Fundamental Biochemical engineering
Author : Behera
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Title : Biochemical engineering A concise introduction
Type : Other

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