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Students are required to produce a body of work with freedom to apply knowledge of previously taught techniques in the printmaking studio like Wood Cut, Linocut, Mono print and Collagraphy. Students will create prints with advance and innovative methods by manipulating mixed media with conceptual approach. Class tutor will guide in the development of solutions to aesthetic and design problems and will assign daily and weekly preliminary sketches in line work, freehand drawings and monotone. Etching and Aquatint, Mezzotint and Mix media techniques will be taught to equip student for presenting her thesis work in a novel style. Theoretical knowledge from the origins of printing techniques to its development in the nineteenth and twentieth century will be provided to students. Presentation of the works of different artists and their conceptual and technical approach will also be discussed by Presentations and visits to contemporary art studios. Students will be given complete understanding of autographic methods of previous and contemporary period. • Relief Printing • Intaglio Printing • Silkscreen printing and digital printing • Assessment through Presentations, discussions and Assignments 40 marks • Creative Practice/Studio Work 200 marks • Professional Practice (Group Show by students in the end of this course as a Mini Thesis Display with at least 10 works by each student) • A synopsis of 500 to 1000 words will be presented to propose the main thesis of Final Year (4th Prof. Visual Arts) along with mini thesis.

Course Synopsis

This course will develop imaginative skills, observation, and appropriation in Art through printmaking techniques with the understanding of basic elements of art and design principles, concepts, media, and formats. Advanced abilities in drawing as related to various printmaking techniques will be taught. The development of solutions to aesthetic and design problems will be continuing throughout the degree program. Knowledge and skills will be given of basic tools, techniques, processes, and types of printing presses, sufficient to work from concept to finished product. This includes basic techniques such as intaglio, relief, lithography, silkscreen, and digital processes. The preparation of prints using all basic printmaking techniques with opportunities to work at an advanced level with one or more of these techniques will be emphasized.

Course Learning Outcomes

Aim of this course is to develop imaginative skills, observation, and appropriation in Art through print media. Students will learn development of solutions to aesthetic and design problems.

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Relief print making

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Book Title : Printmaking Today, A Studio Handbook
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Book Title : Introducing Monoprints
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Book Title : The Complete Printmaker: Techniques, Traditions, Innovations
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Book Title : Screen printing photographic techniques
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