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Course Contents

• Throw wheel • Mould making and casting. • Pinch and slab method • Glaze and fire for mini thesis • Assessment through Presentations, discussions and Assignments 40 marks • Creative Practice/Studio Work 200 marks • Professional Practice (Group Show by students in the end of this course as a Mini Thesis Display with at least 10 works by each student) • A synopsis of 500 to 1000 words will be presented to propose the main thesis of Final Year (4th Prof. Visual Arts) along with mini thesis.

Course Synopsis

This major course equips students with an advance level of understanding of two and three dimensional form in ceramics. Students will incorporate their conceptual ideas in the previous and new methods of ceramics. They will learn Preparation of clay bodies and glazes, kiln stacking procedures, and firing processes and special firing methods such as salt glaze and Raku. They will have the knowledge of industrial applications of ceramics techniques. Tutor will deliver lectures for a better understanding of ceramics within the history of art, design, and culture. Lectures will provide functional knowledge of the history of ceramics.

Course Learning Outcomes

Introduction to different kinds of clay. Enhancing skill in various methods: Layering, joining, drying process, finishing, foaming, colouring and glazing. Students will be given knowledge of firing methods of terracotta and stoneware. Manipulation of clay for throwing, knowing about working on throwing wheel, centralizing clay on wheel, levelling top of the cone, decisively making central hole, pulling cylinder up, shaping, trimming, making basic shape of cylinder. Employing Pinch and slab methods for conceptual forms. Ceramics Installation. Students will produce objects with both objective and subjective approach which will culminate as their mini-thesis and final thesis projects.


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Ceramics and its dimensions

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Book Title : Mold Making, Casting & Patina: For the Student Sculptor
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