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Course Contents

Students will create projects of their own design under faculty supervision, beginning with drawings and small-scale models and ultimately full scale finished portfolio pieces with a subjective approach.  Assessment through Presentations, discussions and Assignments 40 marks  Creative Practice/Studio Work 200 marks  Professional Practice (Group Show by students in the end of this course as a Mini Thesis Display with at-least 10 works by each student)  A synopsis of 500 to 1000 words will be presented to propose the main thesis of Final Year (4th Prof. Visual Arts) along with mini thesis.

Course Synopsis

This course focuses on professional portfolio-level sculpture, exploring concept and craft while investigating the expressive sculptural language. Issues of context are introduced and employed, including site, scale, surface, form, function, material, intention and the viewer.

Course Learning Outcomes

The course creates the ability to incorporate subjective concepts, unique viewpoint, technique, and chosen medium in a sculptural format with daily and weekly preliminary sketches and drawings. It enhances the ability to articulate conceptual thought including analysis of aesthetic, technique, and concepts. The focus of the tutor will also be on peer discussions and evaluation. Students will produce their mini-thesis and final thesis by incorporating innovative ideas in three-dimensional forms.

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