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Course Contents

 Critical analysis • Ability to embrace objective criteria and to discuss work intelligently and critically, including describing facts, analyzing composition, interpreting content and judging results, • Ability to be self-critical. • Ability to give and receive constructive criticism, and to benefit from critiques by improving upon errors, and using mistakes as building blocks for growth  Communication with the sculpture form • Ability to clearly incorporate concept unique view point technique and chosen medium in a sculptural format, including preliminary sketches, drawing Conceptual /critical thinking • Ability to articulate thought including analysis of aesthetic, technique, and concepts, in discussing and evaluating one’s own work of one’s peers, and the work of professionals • Ability to observe and place ideas and movements in historical and contemporary context • Ability to conduct project related research with acumen. • Ability to use advanced mechanical and technical skills • Ability to appropriately apply advanced tools and skills to projects, showing evidence of forethoughts and planning. • Ability to produce projects showing expertise in craftsmanship. • Ability to choose material, combine with the ability to apply them results in strangely cohesive and unique sculpture projects. • An assignment of 1000 words will support the Final thesis at the end of the year.

Course Synopsis

This is in depth portfolio-building course exploring opportunities for communication thoughts rigorous sculptural work in varied media, high-level craft-based and content- based projects, and though creating gallery quality work. Opportunities foe sculptural expression and professional presentation will be emphasized. Art historical and contemporary contextual issues will be discussed.

Course Learning Outcomes

The aim of this course is to develop the: • Ability to give clear concise, professional presentation, including portfolio presentation, utilizing visual, verbal and written communication. • Ability to generate creative and clearly resolved project proposal solutions for clients and commission. • Ability to work and communicate effectively with a project team, in order to identify and inform all projects parameter.

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