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This course gives a deeper insight to the use of Public Relations tools for making professional campaigns and it will give professional understanding of the use of Public Relations in different sectors. This course will enable students to develop full fledge PR campaign on different organizations/topics. This course will introduce with techniques of Public Relations used in current scenario, like event management, fundraising events. Outline: • The students are supposed to create PR campaigns for which they are directed to design pamphlets, calendars, diaries, banners, handbills, posters, comic books, letterheads, year books, souvenirs such as mugs, pens etc. • They are taught how to make Press Release as well. While for the Video-based PR practice, they are taught how to make on-camera interviews, take surveys, make video news releases, conduct interviews and make personal appearances in crowds and seminars etc. • Students will submit the proposed draft of the Public Relation campaign at the time of mid term examination and will submit the complete campaign at the end of semester. • This Project shall be submitted in form of the softcopy and hard copy as well.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to develop public relation campaigns for different organization

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Book Title : Practical PR
Author : Tony Greener
Edition : 2011
Publisher : Tony Greener & Ventus Publishing
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Author : Stephen Waddington
Edition : 2014
Publisher :
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