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This course is designed to familiarize the students with the technical aspect of online journalism and to enable the students to produce news and other contents to be disseminated through internet. Outline: 1. Introduction to online journalism , Scope, importance and Types of Online Journalism. 2. Online Journalism Vs Print Journalism. 3. News websites, Writing and Publishing for websites. 4. Reviewing Famous blogs, creating Blogs and writing for blogs. 5. Virtual Communities 6. comparison of blogs and websites. 7. Socio-economic, legal, cultural and political issues related to the access of information through internet. 8. Scanning and Surfing 9. Techniques of cyber costing, publishing and marketing Online editions of newspapers/magazines. 10. Annotative Reporting and Participatory Journalism/online reporting 11. Introduction to HTML: myth of HTML. 12. Prospects and challenges of Online journalism 13. Ethics of Online Journalism

Course Learning Outcomes

students will learn to produce news and other contents to be disseminated through internet

CAR / CAJ Notes for both of Sections of Semester 6 (remaining has been emailed)

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Developing The Web Resources (Website Design & Development)

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Book Title : Journalism in the digital age
Author : John Herbert
Edition : 1999
Publisher : Focal Press
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