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This course is designed to make familiar students with the different perspectives of development communication and its various paradigms and to interpret and analyze the role of mass media in highlighting the social development. Outline: • Definition, Reviewing various perspectives on Development, the need for development Communication, Basic concept. • Dominant and Alternative paradigms of Development. • Promotion of development, development as a Goal and Process • Development communication and development support communication • development communication and development journalism Development Communication and Social change • Seven Area of Social development • The concept, level and sources of change • The role of Opinion leader • Communication Channels • Factors influencing change/Obstacles to Change • Diffusion of Innovation Planning Development Communication Campaign • Concept of Campaign i.e. Health, literacy, sanitation etc • Advantages of campaign • Creating the Plan, stages Techniques of Campaign • Selecting Media and method • Message construction for DSC • Communication Models of Developments • Community Journalism Report Writing for Development Communication • Qualities and Function of Development journalist • Sources of Development Stories • Nature and style of development Report, Column, Features and Documentaries • Development Coverage in National Media. • Community Press and local broadcasting media. Prospects and Challenges of Development Communication in Pakistan Financial problems Lack of education and training Control over media Political problems Economic Problems Administrative problems Media Sociology Case Studies: work on developing a communication strategy

Course Synopsis

Students are required to work on developing a communication strategy involving a development projects.

Course Learning Outcomes

The students will be able to design communication strategy for any developmental project. They will also be able to write reports for development communication.

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