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This course is aimed at introducing the students to computer technology and techniques with the view to acquaint them with its use in Print and Electronic Media and with modern tools in vogue in Mass Communication Globally. Outline: 1. Word Processing Application (MS Word) • Open and close the application • Create a new blank document • Open an existing document • Preview and print documents • Enter and manipulate text • Move and copy text • Delete text • Use Find and Replace • Change the font: type, size, color • Italicize, bold, underline • Align text • Number and bullet tasks • Format documents • Set line spacing • Set background • Add and delete document headers and footers • Add and delete page numbers • Set margins • Set page layout (columns, page orientation) • Use spell check • Correct the spelling in the document • Use thesaurus • Check the grammar in the document • Use the Word Count feature to count the total number of words in the document • Create and modify tables • Insert pictures and objects from other files • Use undo and redo • Create and modify columns • Change case • Board and shading • Paragraph styles • Drawing Toolbar 2) Spreadsheet Application (MS Excel) • Open and close the application • Create a new blank spreadsheet • Open an existing spreadsheet • Preview and print spreadsheets • Manipulate cells, rows, and columns • Enter and modify text • Insert and delete cells, rows, and columns • Clear cells, rows, columns • Merge cells • Move and copy cell, row, column contents • Format cells: decimals, text, dollars • Sort tables • Manipulate functions • Create formulas • Use functions (sum, average, minimum, maximum,) • Use the fill handle to copy formula and create series • Manipulate worksheets • Modify the orientation of the worksheet • Format spreadsheets • Add and delete headers and footers • Set margins • Add and delete page numbers • Add and delete gridlines • Create and modify charts 3) Presentation Application (MS PowerPoint) • Open and close the application • Create a new blank presentation • Open an existing presentation • Save presentation • Preview and print presentations (handouts, speaker notes) • Manipulate slides • Add and delete slides using different layouts • Copy slides from other presentations • Change the color scheme for slides • Apply design templates • Change slide background • Rearrange and hide slides • Add and remove slide numbers • Enter and modify text • Add and remove footers • Add and remove pictures • Display the presentation in different views: slide show, normal, outline • Promote and demote parts of an outline • View the presentation • Apply transition 4) Web Site Design Software (MS FrontPage) • HTML Basics • The FrontPage Workspace • Creating New Pages • Page Properties • Creating A New Web File • Moving Around The Workspace • Changing The Page Window • Working With Text • Working With Colors • Working With Images • Using Hyperlinks • Using E-Mail Links • Using Other Links • Working With Tables • Working With Cells • Working With Web Pages 5) Use the Computer for Internet Access and Electronic Communication • Open and close a browser • Go to a Web page by using links • Enter and save URLs • Refresh a page • Print a Web page • Stop a Web page transfer • Use back and forward buttons • Copy text and graphics • Compose and send a message • Reply to a message (reply to one sender, reply to all) • Print a message • Delete a message • Transfer messages between different folders • Create and delete folders • Work with attachments: add • Sign up and use other Web-based e-mail • Use a search engine and meta search engines • Use keywords • Use Boolean search • Refine a Web search • Find specific information on a Web site 6) Urdu Composing Application (Inpage) • Support for all Unicode Open Type Fonts and Intermixing of Different languages like Urdu, Arabic and Sindhi. • Copy / Paste facility from/to MS Word or any other Unicode support software or website. • Font formatting • Outline Text • Baseline shift, character scaling and inter character spacing. • A variety of text patterns such as reverse, different colors, underline and overline • Wrap-around of text around object (pictures, text boxes, etc). • Styles of borders • Inline pictures, column and tables support • Print documents

Course Learning Outcomes

Students are able to use computer in the Field of Media and use of the Internet as a tool for finding information and communicating worldwide, and word processing, presentation software, photography, image editing and video production to organize and communicate ideas.


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Book Title : Microsoft Office 2010 For Dummies
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Publisher : Wiley Publishing
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