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Communication (Definitions, Meanings & Significance)  Forms of Communication. (Language, Facial Expressions, Gestures, Signs and Symbols)  Level of Communication (Intra-personal, Inter-personal, Extra-personal, Group Communication, Organizational Communication and Mass Communication)  Process of Communication: source, message, channel, noise, Destination, encoding, decoding and feedback.  Effective Communication (Essentials & Barriers in Communication )  Models (Meanings, definitions and Functions)  Various Models of Communication  Communication and Social life.  Communication as action  Types of communication (strategic communication, inter-cultural communication, professional communication, health communication, Agricultural, political communication)  Social and cultural contexts of communication Media of Mass Communication: Dimension, Components, Functions and Effects of Mass Media of the following:  Print Media: Newspapers, Magazine, Periodicals, Books, pamphlets etc  Broadcast Media: Radio, TV, Film  Social Media: (Internet, Mobile Phones, Telephones Blogging, New Media etc)  Traditional/Folk-Media Comparative Study of mass media

Course Learning Outcomes

Student are able to critically analyze Communication Process in various perspectives and how different types of communication effect differently.

Types of Media

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Book Title : Folk media (ثقافتی میڈیا )
Author : Ms. Moneeba Iftikhar
Edition : 2019
Publisher : Al Faisal Publishers
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