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Acids and Bases Concepts of acids and bases; scale of acidity and basicity; pKa values; predicting acid/base reactions from pKa values; the effect of structure on the strengths of acids and bases, field effects, resonance effects, steric effects, hydrogen bonding effects and hybridization effects; the effect of the medium on the strengths of acids and bases; the Hammett and Taft’s equation applications and limitations. Aliphatic Nucleophilic Substitution Mechanism of SN1, SN2 and SNi. Neighbouring group participation: Intramolecular displacement by O, N, S and X. The effect of substrate structure, entering, leaving group and reaction medium on the mechanism and rates of substitution reactions. Elimination reactions Mechanism of E1, E2, and E1cB Orientation: Saytzeff and Hofmann rules The effect of substrate structure, attacking base, leaving group and reaction medium on the rates and mechanisms of elimination reactions. Aromatic Substitution Reactions Electrophilic substitution: Aromaticity, mechanism, orientation and reactivity Electrophilic substitution reactions: Nitration, halogenation, sulfonation, Friedel-Crafts reaction, diazo-coupling, formylation and carboxylation. Aromatic Nucleophilic Substitution Mechanism of SN Ar. The effect of substrate structure, leaving group and attacking nucleophile on the rates of substitution reactions. PRACTICALS:  Purification Techniques: Sublimation technique  Mixture Analysis: Analysis of two component mixtures.

Course Synopsis

the course contains concept of Acids and bases, importance and role of Pka values in an reaction. nucleophilic substitution is also part of this syllabus, mechanism of substitution reaction and stereochemistry is also discussed. Substitution reaction in aromatic reaction also play a very important role in synthetic chemistry. Elimination reactions , factor effection on elimination reactions and mechanism of Elimination reactions is also including in this course.

Course Learning Outcomes

To understand acidity and basicity of the organic compounds and how pka values play role in reactions. To learn the mechanism of Substitution reaction in Aliphatic compounds. to learn reactivity aromatic compounds toward Electrophile and Nucleophile. To get knowledge about Elimination reaction its type and mechanism.

aliphatic Nucleophilic Substitution

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Elimination reactions

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Nucleophilic Aromatic substitution

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E1 and E1CB

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Book Title : organic Chemistry chapter 8
Author : Jonathan Clayden, Nick Greeves, and Stuart Warren
Edition : 1st
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Book Title : Advance organic chemistry
Author : Jerry March
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Publisher : Wiley Student Edition

Book Title : vogel text book, practical organic chemistry
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